Integrated Systems





Modular Hospitals, Clinics, Schools, Training Centers, Community Centers,Construction Camps,


Gas Turbine Generator Packages, Hybrid Power Plants (Solar PV, H2Cells), Peak Shaving Power systems, Industrial Steam Plants,  Water Production and Treatment Units, Logistics Systems


Global University via Space Satellite Communications

Emergency Air Lift -- 100 tons including 13 Axle Trailer
 We are a "full service" project management and consulting company with a world wide network of well-seasoned project support specialists, we provide support through all phases of your projects from the feasibility planning to the final commissioning.

With over 800 domestic and  international projects completed on time and on budget since 1971 we :

  • recognize and avoid potential problems
  • Devise project specific solutions which consider all criteria.
  • We know how to work with owners, engineers, builders, government agencies, inspection agencies, international banks, transport companies and culturally diverse workforces.
  • Through our extensive networks of associates and  correspondents we provide experts in all the disciplines-- From Architects to Zoologists.
  • Our broad experience of in over twenty three different industries enables us to apply the lessons learned on prior projects to developing innovative and cost effective solutions for you.
  • In short we  get things done for you in any multinational, multicultural environment.

All our associates are entrepreneurs with hands on experience in all aspects of their disciplines and all are experienced in  Project Management.


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