Project Management Integration Contractor


Transportable Integrated Modular Hospital Systems  From Single Physician Clinic to Full Scale
                    hospital inclusive of

  • wards, specialized buildings, 
  • Operating and Emergency  Suites, Special  equipment, Labs,  Imaging systems, rehabilitation equipment,
  • Kitchens, Cafeteria, patient feeding stations, hydration stations
  • staff living quarters, 
  • Oxygen plant, waste treatment and disposal system,  
  • Solar or fuel cell power plant, 
  • storage, Refrigeration, Decontamination system,
  • Isolation wards, etc..

Complete International Manufacturing Plant relocations:

  • Complete inventory and photo survey of existing Facility
  • As built layout drawings of current plant
  • As built drawing of each machine, line or piece of equipment dismantled
  • Evaluation of  useability in new environment, needs for upgrading, or down grading.
  • Procure replaceable wear parts for rebuilding
  • pack for transport , sequence, and production continuity.
  • prepare destination sites
  • receive and preposition shipped materials and equipment
  • receive raw materials for processes and preposition flow lines
  • rebuild individual units and modules in place
  • connect controls and power systems
  • test subsystems
  • test major systems
  • begin production

These are only representative and must be adapted for each location, for each schedule, and must account for the impact of stakeholders.

Areas of Expertise

  • System Integration
  • Program Management
  • System Engineering
  • Independent Risk Evaluation
  • Business Development and Planning
  • Cost/Schedule Control
  • Competitive Proposal Writing and Review
  • Negotiations
  • Contract Close Out

 Operations-Risk analysis

  • Facility Transition Planning
  • Time & Motion Studies;
  • international cross cultural constraints,
  • Process Reviews,
  • DFT integration Up and down line, 
  • Resource Optimization

  • Alternative technologies;
  • Energy trade-offs
  • Labor, Training, Health
  • Business & Financial Plans,
  • Risk Analysis & Feasibility Studies;
  • Materials Availability;
  • Site Selection Studies;
  • Make or buy analysis 
  • Systems Engineering

    The application of scientific and engineering efforts to transform an operational need into a description of system performance and configuration through the use of an iterative process of definition, synthesis, analysis, design, test and evaluation.

    system integration: The progressive linking and testing of system components to merge their functional and technical characteristics into a comprehensive, interoperable system