STRATEGIC PLANNING,  Operations-Risk analysis, Time & Motion Studies; international cross cultural constraints, Process Reviews, DFT integration Up and down line,  Resource Optimization; Business & Financial Plans, Risk Analysis & Feasibility Studies; Materials Availability; Site Selection Studies; Make or buy analysis 



SUPPLY CHAIN OPTIMIZATION: Demand Flow Technology (DFT), Global procurement,  Materials Management, operations Transfers,  reverse flow analysis, optimization,recycling, upgrading, and fractal analysis. Logistics Management Plans,Transportability Analysis, Multimodal transport, strategic propositioning, global sourcing,3rd Party SCM; Multiline Integration.

POLYVALENT systems integration

"Project success rests  in controlling details
keeping the final objective in sight

All projects have unique characteristics, and common aspects.

The  locale, timing, budget, politics,  ethnicity, short and long term impacts, vulnerability to threats, Security, Safety, available resources, funding status, etc…impose specific constraints.   Project plans and organizations must be customized to overcome those constraints while achieving the objective.

We manage projects by forming a project control "TASK FORCE" which integrates all the needed human, physical, and financial resources by bringing in the required specialties only when they are needed for a specific task.  As your "Task Force",  we are:
· FLEXIBLE When clients physical or labor resources are needed for other uses they can be released and replaced from within our network. · ECONOMICAL. We have a low overhead, resources are charged only when used Through our associate network we procure expertise and resources to meet any project requirement on the spot.  HIGHLY FOCUSED on Control of Operations sequence, schedule, & costs through a single point without degrading the client's primary business or function.
In the project business there are no "canned" solutions, consequently the earlier we are involved in the planning process the more benefits our "task force" can bring to your Program

What Sets Us Apart

 Our  broad experience of over 800 projects in over twenty different  industries enables us to apply the lessons learned on prior projects in one industry to developing innovative and cost effective solutions to analogous circumstances in a different industry.

 We know how to work with owners, engineers, builders, Technicians, Craftsmen, Educators, government agencies, inspection agencies, international banks, transport companies and culturally diverse workforces.

 Having Managed over 300 emergency interventions, we devise project specific solutions which help us recognize and avoid potential problems, and enable to analyze risks and provide  workable contingency action plans.

We provide planned, controlled support through all phases of your projects from Feasibility Study, to Operations start –up and the final commissioning

 In short we will get things done for you in any  national, multinational, multicultural environment

Can Do! Any Time! Anywhere!