Operations Analysis,
Research &  Consulting


Strategic Planning
Operations-Risk analysis, Time & Motion Studies; international cross cultural constraints, Process Reviews, DFT integration Up and down line,  Resource Optimization; Business & Financial Plans, Risk Analysis & Feasibility Studies; Materials Availability; Site Selection Studies;

INFORMATION RESEARCH, ANALYSIS, INTERPRETING, & SYNTHESIS: established US and overseas information research – technical data collection offices.  Trough Internet and other private networks Perform Technical Literature searches prepare trend analysis & forecasts    [Bio-technology, Engineering Maps, Plans, Drawings, Micro- Macro Physics, Chemical Processes, Operating Instructions and Manuals, Poly-Science, Legal, Engineering Designs, Systems & Networks, Patent Literature, Standards, Tunneling Methods, Seismic Design, Hazardous Materials Safety, HAZWOPER, Specialized tools & Equipment, Risk analysis, Political risks, Psychology, Medical Literature, Economics,  and other subjects as needed etc..]. [Lists of Non Classified Publications on request]

Management Consultant

Addison & Associates provides on-going or single intervention support in all  the  following areas of consulting activity as identified and defined by The Institute of Management Consultancy 

"Business Strategy. This involves long range planning, the re-organisation of a company’s structure, rationalisation of services and products, and a general business appraisal of the company.

Manufacturing and Business Services. Involving a review of the layout of a production department, production control arrangements, productivity and incentive schemes or quality control problems.

Marketing. Market research and business forecasting, sales force training and the organisation of retail and wholesale outlets.

Financial and Management Controls. The installation of budgetary control systems, profit planning or capital and revenue budgeting, office reorganisation and administrative arrangements.

Human Resources. Advising on personnel policy, manpower planning, job enrichment, job evaluation and industrial relations.

Information Technology. Defining information needs, the provision of software, systems analysis and design, computer feasibility studies, implementing computer applications and making computer hardware evaluations.

Environmental Management. This includes urban and regional development planning, international economic research, cost benefit and social analysis studies, and physical, economic, ecological and sociological studies for the encouragement of quality of life-style

Quality Management. Setting of policy and strategy, customer satisfaction, performance measurement, people management and processes. "

Mentor  We work within our client’s organization, and provide Services “as needed”:  analysis, strategic planning, integrating project “task force” team members from within Client’s Staff.  We work with clients in the definition of the projects objectives, schedule, and budget. As your  agent we identify, procure, and control the flow of  needed external resources. We monitor and control costs and disbursements. Generally, we direct activities, inspect, and control the performance of the work breakdown structure items to complete assignments on time and on budget.


Thanks to the  application of specific engineering and  project management  disciplines, a thorough analysis of operations, and the optimization internal and external resources, we:

·        Reduce interruption  to current operations,

·        Adhere to budget, schedule and sequence priorities,

·        Reduce loss or damage,

·        Provide the highest level of quality control 

·        Control Costs, and Improve bottom line.